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How to start creating impact?

If you’re beginning to embark on your positive impact journey, you will find a simple five-step exercise here, that can help you getting started on the right foot…

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Even though we cannot influence every development, brands can play a crucial role in changing consumer behavior and encouraging responsible consumption. Current consumption patterns…

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Sustainable business: 5 Years of Impact

Sustainable Business: How 5 years of business can build a better world? Exactly five years ago we launched our very first project with one single mission in mind: supporting companies to be the best in the world and for the world. As business-minded thinkers, we see businesses as the architects of a better future, fostering the transition to a sustainable economy. Five years, and many projects later, we dare to state that sustainable business is successful: it’s just the best way to establish a long-term leading position.

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Talking about sustainable innovation: There’s a whole new world out there!

Generally speaking, we have two types of people in this world. One that believes the glass is half full and one that sees the glass as half empty. At least, that’s one way of looking at mankind.  This old ‘philosophical’ question about the way people perceive the world and things around them, comes up again and again when talking about sustainability, the challenges our world today and how we want to tackle these challenges. More specifically, with what mentality do we want.

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Let’s be the crazy ones: building social brands and sustainable business

What do you need… ..if you want to improve your primary way of doing business and building brands? Or if you want to bring it to the next level or come up with a new brand campaign, product or service?  Yes, you can dive into the analytics of your company. Yes, you can run over all your business processes and start optimizing every single part of them. But all these measurements are still improvements of existing processes or products. Like a chair with.

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Back to the Future: how future-proof is your business?

IT’S YOUR FUTURE CALLING Everybody from the 80s or 90s remembers the cult movies Back to the Future I, II and III, starring Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future II predicted that in 2015 we would drive flying cars on bio-fuel, we would have Nike’s with self-tying laces, we would be skateboarding on hover boards, be eating inflatable mini pizza’s and we all would be video-calling. Now having arrived in 2015, not all has come true, but it’s not a bad.

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