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Five trends among today’s changemakers

On Thursday May 23rd the Changemaker in Retail took place. An event that didn’t only focus on initiating change, but also offered a stage to changemakers who just started and were ready to share…

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Our impact in 2018

Rainbow Collection is a catalyst for change. We create and accelerate impact, together with our clients. View our impact report, where we present the impact we created with our clients in 2018.

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Impact Awards 2018

Join us at the Impact Awards 2018 – February 8th. Are you creating positive impact with your brand & business? Sign up before January 26th and share your story with the world.

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Our impact in 2017

What are the areas we made the biggest impact in over the last year? These 5 areas showcase a clear lookback on 2017 and enable us to show how our activities add up.

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