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MYOMY do goods – Changing perspectives, one bag at a time

In the fast changing world of fashion, we see a rise of brands that are founded with a different mindset: a mindset that’s social and sustainable from the start. MYOMY do goods is one of those brands that is founded as a world improver with one clear purpose: ‘contributing to a better world by making beautiful products’. MYOMY is in business to empower the people around her and knows how to combine her impact mission with an ambitious for-profit business. Learn more.

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Moyee Coffee – Creating radical impact

How do we define the ‘fair’ in fair trade? What if coffee beans leave a country without any added value? These are some basic questions that the real coffee lovers at Moyee Coffee considered. This brand is working on the creation of serious impact by developing their FairChain initiative. With this initiative Moyee wants to make sure that value-adding activities are happening within the country of origin, so that this positively impacts the local economy. How do they give shape to their.

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Tele2 – Making impact very practical

The core business of a telecom provider is to bring people and organizations together and facilitate communication between them. If it does not make telephones, servers or modems, what is the footprint of a telecom provider then? And how can they make a positive impact on our world? As one of the biggest players in the Dutch market, Tele2 feels great responsibility to take care of our world. But where to begin? Together with experts and key stakeholders, Tele2 identified where they.

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Nature Lab – Go out and explore your creativity

How can we create sustainable solutions together? Nature Lab explains how creativity and sustainability come together when employees visit nature. The small enterprise is sparking creativity and sustainable solutions for companies by taking their employees out of their comfort zone and into the wild. With this approach, they are active in a wide variety of sectors. Learn more about how Nature Lab is contributing to a better tomorrow and how they inspire others to start thinking 2.0. Dig into new opportunities The small enterprise states.

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Innocent Drinks – Initiate your journey!

Creating natural and tasty smoothies and juices, while trying your best to take good care of the world. With this week’s Positive Impact Creator, we offer a look behind the scenes at Innocent Drinks. The well-known brand that you can find in almost every food store. How does a commercial brand like this creates positive impact in our world? We asked them about their focus and activities, about the steps and roadblocks in their journey from smoothie-maker to sustainable inspirator…  The balance.

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G-Star – RAW impact from just the product

When it comes to fashion, becoming a fully sustainable brand is a great challenge. The polluting nature of the production process and the high demands of consumers, ensure that sustainability now receives more attention than ever before. However, there’s still room for big improvements. Getting rid of fast fashion and putting sustainability first, forms an interesting challenge for all fashion brands. After we spoke to positive impact creator Kuyichi, denim brand G-Star is next. What positive impact can this originally Dutch denim.

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SOON – Connecting for social potential

Inspiring, connecting and promoting – being part of projects and plans to create a better future, is at the heart of organization SOON. This social connector is based in Utrecht and committed to converting great ideas into workable plans. This means that they are connecting students to social organizations or social entrepreneurs. Also, they mediate between parties to make the best out of social projects that operate locally. At Rainbow Collection we were curious about their activities and how they contribute to.

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Senfal – Dreaming of a world without fossil fuel

Renewable energy is posed to be the next big thing within the energy supply sector. The many benefits of green energy are already creating a positive image with a majority of people. Still, factors such as high prices and problems with energy storage may outweigh the benefits of renewables and hinder a scale up. How can technological developments make the transition to green energy more appealing? If it doesn’t happen now, we might run out of oil, gas and coals, while the.

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