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Impact report 2019 – Thinking Impact First

The choices that we make today, could change our lives for years to come. Decisions by the government, by us people and the companies we work for. We are very proud to experience during these times that global and local mindsets are shifting…

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Vacature: Impact Brand Lead

Wil jij elke dag grotere en kleinere bedrijven helpen om duurzaamheid strategisch in hun merk te verankeren om vanuit daar hun positieve impact te vergroten?

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Stagiair impact branding

Wil jij in korte tijd leren hoe het is om als impact en marketingconsultant te werken? En bijdragen aan het opzetten van een geoliede machine waarin positieve impact en commercieel succes hand in hand gaan?

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You need to stay close to yourself

How is Obrigado producing its sustainable and natural coconut water, while looking after the social and natural environment? An interview with its global marketing director!

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How to start creating impact?

If you’re beginning to embark on your positive impact journey, you will find a simple five-step exercise here, that can help you getting started on the right foot…

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MYOMY do goods – Changing perspectives, one bag at a time

In the fast changing world of fashion, we see a rise of brands that are founded with a different mindset: a mindset that’s social and sustainable from the start. MYOMY do goods is one of those brands that is founded as a world improver with one clear purpose: ‘contributing to a better world by making beautiful products’. MYOMY is in business to empower the people around her and knows how to combine her impact mission with an ambitious for-profit business. Learn more.

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TOMS – It all started with a need

Using business to improve people’s lives. That’s how it all started for TOMS. The brand was initiated to start helping out one community. Today, TOMS has grown out to be a great example for other consumer brands. One-for-One is their well-known business model. With every pair of shoes they sell, they’re able to help a person in need. At TOMS, social impact, meaningful branding and building a successful business all come together, but not without challenges and obstacles. What can we learn.

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Moyee Coffee – Creating radical impact

How do we define the ‘fair’ in fair trade? What if coffee beans leave a country without any added value? These are some basic questions that the real coffee lovers at Moyee Coffee considered. This brand is working on the creation of serious impact by developing their FairChain initiative. With this initiative Moyee wants to make sure that value-adding activities are happening within the country of origin, so that this positively impacts the local economy. How do they give shape to their.

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