Impact strategy


Creating impact requires a clear vision and strategy. Many businesses do a lot already, but what is actually happening and why?

We support you with defining the starting point of your impact strategy. After we understand where you stand today, we create focus. Identifying your high impact areas, beyond your priority compliance areas. These are the ingredients for your long-term strategy and the translation to concrete programs & operations.

Impact Branding


Building impact brands takes more than traditional ways of thinking or advertising. It touches the core of your heart and that’s where we identify your impact sweet spot.

We shift from traditional branding to impact branding. It is in the core of your heart where we can find your magical brand sweet spot and where your DNA comes together with the needs of your target groups and the bigger (sustainability) challenges of the world. We work from the inside out, while strategically meeting this needs and challenges of the outside world. That’s how we build strong impact brands.


Designing your impact strategy and building a strong brand is one thing, actually creating impact is another. We can guide you through the process and take all the necessary steps with you to get there.

As impact coach, we support you through transformational processes and ensure the entire organization is more effective, engaged and designed around your mission. Whether you’re just starting, have a specific project in mind or desire full sustainable transformation: we are the right one to support you, every step of the way.

Our services:
– Impact Opportunity Tool
– Impact Assessment
– Impact Strategy

Our services:
– Brand Positioning

– Brand Activation
– Impact Communication

Our services:
– Jumpstarter coaching
– Project-based coaching
– Transformative projects

How can we help you?

Impact Strategy

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Impact Branding

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Impact Coaching

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