WASH Alliance International

Communication activities and accelerating sustainable WASH services


How can the WASH Alliance adapt to fast population growth and achieve full coverage of WASH, without making these systems or sectors dependent on foreign subsidies or grants?


When we want to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #6, we need to design WASH programs at scale, that can accelerate, to reach full coverage. If we maintain working in the current pace, we will never be able to reach universal access to water by 2030.


To realize their goals, we helped the alliance change mindsets and keep on creating a sector for sustainable and affordable WASH services that can accelerate. With our communication activities we support the WASH Alliance in building markets for WASH, stimulating social entrepreneurship and developing their products.


  • Co-developing a sustainable strategy to increase and scale the impact of the program
  • Creating awareness of the WASH Alliance and the issues they address, by building and executing their international communication strategy
  • Training the local coordinators of the program in branding, fundraising and strategy development
By changing mindsets and creating WASH programs at scale,
we can make acceleration happen!