Unlocking the potential for impact at Untapped


To bring together the strengths, personality and values of DloHaiti in a clear brand positioning and communication strategy that allows the company to scale.


Interviews with the target group pointed out that they are no longer interested in just a social approach. They are looking for a sustainable business model, which combines both social and economic value creation. This has a big influence on the entire positioning of the brand.


We developed ‘Untapped’ as international brand. With water as entry point, we unlocked the potential of the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) consumer through a business instead of a social approach. The platform we created is based on a social-commercial model and allows human development and market penetration.


  • Creating access to essential products and services that improve the lives of people and businesses in the BoP
  • Empowering BoP consumers and businesses to live a healthy and productive life and develop themselves and their families
  • Realizing sustainable development that creates benefits for all
Creating a sustainable business model and brand beyond social impact.