Saudi Arabia Investment Bank

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In today’s world, we believe that long-term financial relationships are favored over short-term transactions and simple moneymaking. The main challenge for SAIB was to shift from the fixed philosophy to a new way of banking, that suits today’s world.


Islamic banking provides chances and opportunities to develop a new way of banking based on long-term relationships and trust – the perfect foundation to create a value-driven financial sector.


We enabled SAIB to realize the shift towards future banking, based on a system build on trust and sustainable relationships, to become the frontrunner in the Middle East.


  • Creating a new philosophy for the financial sector, built on long term thinking and sustainability
  • Supporting SAIB to integrate this new way of banking and the guiding principles that come with it, into everyday business
  • Manifesting value banking and creating in-house impact with an employee awareness campaign
  • Launching the “access to financial education” as a social initiative for kids in the Kingdom
We enabled SAIB to realize a shift towards future banking,
to become a sustainable frontrunner in the Middle East.