Creating social value with branding


Tjebbi was created to help solve the sanitation challenge. This innovative hand bidet is made to clean your lower body. Our challenge was to create the Tjebbi brand and make it attractive to investors.


People care about personal hygiene, but are often dependent on dirty water in public toilets in cinemas or train stations. Tjebbi can tap into this by providing the first out of home hygiene tool.


We set up the Tjebbi brand and created three moments in life where Tjebbi could be very helpful. By taking away the taboo that surrounds it and by showing there’s a need for out of home sanitation, Tjebbi developed as a powerful brand, helping the ones who need it.


  • Attracting a lauching partner in India
  • Enabling Tjebbi to speak at water, sanitation and hygiene conferences
  • Empowering Tjebbi as a brand and enabling them to efficiently spread the product to the people in need, by partnering with corporates and NGOs
  • Helping realize the product launch on World Toilet Day 2016 in India
We showed that there’s a need for out of home sanitation
and took away the taboo that surrounds it.
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