How to change and improve a traditional sector whilst respecting the status quo? We improved the quality of health care and contributed to sector change, by positioning and sharing the story of an innovative start-up.


In order to make shared decision-making a success and create a positive change within the sector, all stakeholders need to be fully understood. Physicians are key to make the shared decision-making tools a success and are needed to create positive change within a traditional health care sector.


By means of co-creation we gained valuable insights and we made the PATIENT+ brand come alive. New strategies stimulated the growth of an early adapters community and an increased market share followed.


  • Creating a movement for full sector change
  • Building brand awareness and brand equity
  • Narrowing focus and making strategic choices aligned
  • Meeting the needs of different stakeholders in the sector
Valuable insights and co-creation made the brand come alive,
whilst respecting the status-quo within the sector.
Creating positive impact at Patient+.