Dutch cinema operator Pathé takes in a leading position when it comes to quality, customer experience and state-of-the-art technique. But what about its environmental and social footprint? How can Pathé become a sustainable A-brand by optimizing energy efficiency and facility management?


As large cinema operator, the biggest impact of Pathé is hidden within the management of facilities and direct partners and suppliers. To create a firm long term strategy, we need to move beyond fragmented sustainability activities and instead focus on how to guide and optimize these into a coherent whole. This starts with a clear sustainability vision.


We helped Pathé to map all sustainability activities in and outside the organization. This created a useful fundament to start identifying the focus areas with which Pathé can create the biggest impact. By means of a base study & impact scan, we formulated a sustainability strategy that translated these into a concrete plan.


  • Optimizing building management & energy efficiency to
    reduce environmental impact
  • Contributing to the road towards a circular and inclusive
    economy, as market leader
  • Setting up new and strategic partnerships with cities and
    suppliers to secure and optimize sustainable activities
Making sustainability integral part of your business, requires vision.
Without a clear vision, it’s impossible to create coherent impact.