As an expert in the field of maternity & kids clothing in Europe, Noppies is much more than just a fashion brand. There was a need to express its nourishing nature and DNA more in the brand and to formulate a clear CSR vision and strategy.


As a brand, Noppies can help shape future generations by supporting their dreams, their ideas and the world they live in. By caring for the world around them, and aiming for positive impact itself, Noppies can also empower her customers to do so.


Based on a thorough stakeholder dialogue and an impact analysis, we identified 3 focus impact areas for Noppies: Circular Business, Protecting New Life and Supply Chain Responsibility. This helped us reformulate and develop a clear vision & CSR strategy with concrete programmes for the coming years.


  • Contributing to a circular fashion industry by initiating new
    business models and innovative collections
  • Inspiring and empowering different groups of fashion con
    sumers with innovative and sustainable fashion concepts
  • Investing in a bright and happy future for vulnerable
    mothers and their babies
Building a strong CSR foundation for the group, while translating this
to unique and strategic sustainability concepts per brand.